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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 1st March 2024


An email to SAM members, sent this week, set out the calendar of events taking place in March and April.  The SAM Committee decided to ask members at what price we should set the membership fee for the coming year. Members elect SAM officials, so it’s only fair that you should decide what to pay for membership. Fees have remained static for the past few years and we stopped asking for a membership fee during the COVID epidemic. We know that life is tough and we care that every member can afford the cost of membership. You can complete the Club fee survey here and have your say in what you think is value for money. Details of the results will be given at the SAM AGM on the 8th April 2024.

For everyone who likes a good time the next SAM Club Night will be a social evening. The band Stereotonin will play for two hours – we will give them a break after an hour – starting at 8pm. It’s an OPEN INVITATION so we welcome everyone to come and enjoy the evening. Details later in the newsletter. To whet your appetite further, you can look forward to the SAM Spring Breakfast Booking taking place on the 13th April 2024. Make sure that you fill in the online form to tell us what you would like to eat. Details of this event are on the online booking form. Closing date for booking your FREE Spring Breakfast is 29th March 2024.

We’ve had some responses to the SAM Annual Photo Competition. We are sure that there are many great photos of bikers, bikes and biking that you can share. The closing date is 20th March 2024.

The big topic, at last Saturday’s Meet, was the totally unforeseen massive increase in the cost of IAM advanced courses. This was made worse by the structuring of prices in favour of car owners. Car Observers can sit alongside the Associate, in the Associate’s vehicle. Motorcycle Observers have to meet all the maintenance and running costs out of their own income. The amount given back, £36.50/Associate, to Groups doesn’t cover the cost of providing training delivered on behalf of IAM RoadSmart. Purchasing branded items, publicity material and liability insurance leaves an annual deficit.

Some of the SAM Committee members made their views about the unexpected increase in course fees, known to IAM RoadSmart, via a letter and comments on their Facebook page. We weren’t alone. There were lots of very negative comments. The resentment and anger at the way IAM RoadSmart has treated its members was universally expressed by those at the last Saturday Meet. Coming after an appalling £1.7 million loss last year, along with a £315,000 increase in staff salaries, doesn’t suggest that members are valued. Given that the delivery of local public education and the advanced rider training courses are made by highly trained unpaid volunteers. Yes, Observers paid IAM RoadSmart for their own training too! We’d like to know member’s views on the management of IAM RoadSmart, so either talk to a member of the Committee, or write to

Onto other news in this week’s newsletter. Anybody fancy going for a Trek? Milton Keynes IAM Group is putting on an event that looks like a lot of fun on a bike. If you’ve got 2,500 years to spare, you could try building the Kigumi Suzuki Hayabusa Puzzle. Apparently, it’s very famous and takes a long time to solve. There is some advice on group riding. A new V-twin engine design with only one powered piston. There are lots of adventure riding stories to give you ideas for the Summer. Read about Ken Fox’s Hell Riders and masses of other stories. Until next week, Happy reading.

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