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SAM members are cordially invited to an evening with Dr Jac Billington (Professor in Perceptual Neuroscience) and Ibrahim Ozturk PhD (Institute of Transport Studies).

Dr Jac will do a presentation on the ‘Psychology for Reasoning: Drivers/Riders habits, behaviours and decision making. How to understand and control your own behaviour on the road and deal with the behaviours of other road users.

Ibrahim will do a presentation on the Science of Being Seen and how to avoid a SMIDSY event when riding.

The West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists Goup are collaborating with the University of Leeds on the psychology of riding and driving. Some members have signed up to take part in a simulator study into how riding/driving decisions affect road users in different simulated environments.

This very worthwhile event takes place on Thursday, 22nd June 2023, starting at 7.30pm, at the Churwell Working Mens Club, Old Road, Churwell, Leeds LS27 7RR.

SAM members: your help in supporting this important road safety event is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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