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A Great Day at the Outwood Academy Bike Fest

Fran (Chair) and Paul (Editor & Webmaster) spent last Saturday afternoon at the Shafton Bikefest. The children at the Academy acted as Marshalls and organisers for the Bike Festival. They organised the event to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. They even organised for a helicopter from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to land on the […]

Congratulations to SAM members

The smiles say it all! Patience, persistence and determination helped these bikers to succeed. Their goal of becoming and remaining advanced motorcyclists and the top scores on their tests show the dedication of these bikers. We support ALL bikers in becoming and remaining at the top of their riding ability. Come and join us and […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 9th September 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Editorial I was reminded this week of one of the principal reasons for belonging to an advanced motorcycling Club. The collective brain. In an advanced motorcycle club, like the SAM Club, there is a massive wealth of knowledge about bikes, riding and how to be a better rider. A real feeling of camaraderie pervades the […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 19th August 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - #BeTheBest rider possible

Editorial Back to more mundane reporting in this week’s SAM Newsletter. The motorcycle touring season is in full swing, so we’ve got some different reading for you. First up, there is a frank article about touring with your ‘soul mate’. Now I’ve toured with a pillion for many years and some of the advice came […]

SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 5th August 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Charity events - please support as generously a you can. Thank you

The SAM Chairman’s Annual Ride Out was great fun. I don’t know whether the route over rutted back roads was chosen to challenge riding ability or the bike’s suspension. It did both. Everyone had a great time talking about how bikes coped and very appreciatively about the challenging route. There was also a comment that, […]

Sharing the Road

Sheffield Advanced Motorcycling - advanced riding skills

Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding at IAM RoadSmart, discusses how we can use some of the key skills from Advanced Riding or Driving to make the roads a safer place for all users. The skills learnt can be used to make a positive impact on safety when sharing the road with vulnerable road […]

Another success for SAM

Congratulations to Chris Taylor Well done to Chris Taylor (Observer Chris Holland) on passing the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycling test. Chris is now full member of the SAM Club!