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Young People Need Motorcycles

When you chat with young people about motorcycles, you get all sorts of reasons why they haven’t tried riding. Most haven’t even sat on one. It’s time to show them what they are missing. Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about getting from A to B. It’s an affordable way to travel. Quicker journeys and the […]

Motorcycle Magic

Motorcycles, aren’t just loud toys for thrill-seekers? Not anymore. A motorcycle gives you a cost-effective solution to gridlocked cities, strike-bound public transport and environmental anxieties. They quench your thirst for adventure, whilst providing your own personal transport freedom. Think about it: you can ditch the four-wheeled monster and hop on a motorcycle. It’s one-third, or […]

Riders of the Mist: Embracing the Fog

‘A prepared rider and well maintained bike makes for safer riding’ Introduction If you don’t ride in poor conditions, you are unlikely to be able to cope with them when they arise. There is a lot of published advice about NOT riding in fog. It’s true, if it can be avoided then other forms of […]

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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 11 July 2024

To start riding a motorcycle in the UK: Before buying a motorcycle you should complete a ‘Compulsory Basic Training Course‘ (CBT). This will prepare you to start you riding life and you can find some local motorcycle trainers here. Your CBT course will last up to two days and of comprise 3 modules covering the […]

Riding for a Better World

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2023

How Motorcycling Promotes Personal, Social, and Environmental Well-being IntroductionThere is no doubt that the world is in dire straits. Economic gloom, climatic changes, war and terrorism; and, increasing difficulty in getting a start in adult life. In a fast-paced world where efficiency and convenience are highly valued, motorcycles can offer a unique and a socially […]