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A recent communication from a Member highlighted that not all paramedics know the latest motorbike helmets are fitted with quick-release ‘pull tabs’. In spring 2019 the Member had a significant collision and suffered a double fracture to his neck. He had an almost new Shoei with emergency tabs for easy removal. Unfortunately, the medics attending at the roadside were unaware of the tabs and removed the helmet without using the quick-release system. Although he had some spinal cord damage he was lucky not to have much worse injuries.

IAM RoadSmart is urging all Members to check with their local contacts in the ambulance and fire and rescue services that they’re up to date with best practice on helmet removal. The use of pull tabs is part of the excellent ‘Biker Down’ courses supported by IAM RoadSmart around the UK. Keep a look out for this story in our next edition of Roadsmart Magazine, landing in February.