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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 22nd March 2024


Let’s start with the future of the SAM Club. We are in it for the long haul and determined to ensure that we continue to serve motorcyclists and road safety in our local community. Fran (Chair), on behalf of the SAM Committee, has written a detailed statement on our view of IAM policy and the future of the SAM Club. This has been emailed to members. Over the years, the Club has always adapted to new challenges and we are no less determined to ensure our continued success. 

In this week’s newsletter, you can read about Transport Scotland being accused of making negatively-biassed, opinion-biassed, subjective judgements on motorcycling accident statistics. They are not the only ones stigmatising motorcyclists. Many organisations, reporting on motorcycling statistics, stress the dangers of riding in an unfair and unbalanced way. All this comes in a week when some writers are calling for a better deal for motorcyclists. The UK Government has put out a consultation paper on universally allowing motorcyclists to use bus lanes. Anthony Kildare (IAM CEO) chaired a meeting with police and insurance companies on the alarming increase in vehicle insurance costs for young people. The policy prevents many young people from becoming mobile, damaging the insurance market and the UK economy. Nick Lyes (IAM Director of Policy and Standards), to reduce casualty rates, called for increased funding to repair and maintain the UK’s highway infrastructure.  

It’s the Rev’s & Relics Easter Egg Run on Sunday. The Whiteknights Blood Bikes are helping to organise the ride. We’d like as many SAM Club members as possible to sign up and join the ride. You MUST sign up to join the Revs & Relics Easter Egg Run. Thank you.

For adventures this week you can start with Freddie Dobb at the Royal Enfield dealership in Goa. Itchy Boots is mixing it with elephants, crocodiles, lions and jaguars. SYSRP is running a new motorcycling campaign. This not only encourages safer riding, but also points the way on how young people can ride a PTW for FREE. There is a lot more interesting information for you to enjoy. Happy reading. 

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