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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 28th July 2023

Editorial Just a quick reminder that there won’t be SAM Club nights or Committee meetings in August 2023 or January 2024. We are out riding and recovering from Christmas! There is now a separate index of your SAM Club weekly newsletters on the SAM website. Now you can easily find any articles that you may […]

E-Scooters: the menace of our time

As I walked down the road yesterday the silent menace arrived. A child, not more than 12 years old, riding an e-scooter down the middle of the road. An odd event? No. A common event? Yes, it’s an increasing problem. Oblivious to the risks both to herself and other road users. It’s time to take […]

SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 21st July 2023

Editorial It’s been another really interesting week in the world of motorcycling. The SAM Club Summer Picnic was very well attended and everyone had a really good time. However, the 10 members who booked a place and didn’t attend cost the SAM Club £90. The number of meals was pre-booked, so we were committed to […]

SAM Club Summer Picnic a great success

Sunshine and blue sky blessed the SAM Club Summer Picnic. A great time was had by everyone. All members send our gratitude to Fran (Chair) for her hard work in organising the event. Also, thank you to all the SAM members who rode out to support the SAM Club.

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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Weekly newsletter 11 July 2024

To start riding a motorcycle in the UK: Before buying a motorcycle you should complete a ‘Compulsory Basic Training Course‘ (CBT). This will prepare you to start you riding life and you can find some local motorcycle trainers here. Your CBT course will last up to two days and of comprise 3 modules covering the […]

Riding for a Better World

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2023

How Motorcycling Promotes Personal, Social, and Environmental Well-being IntroductionThere is no doubt that the world is in dire straits. Economic gloom, climatic changes, war and terrorism; and, increasing difficulty in getting a start in adult life. In a fast-paced world where efficiency and convenience are highly valued, motorcycles can offer a unique and a socially […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 14th July 2023

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - weekly newsletter 14th July 2023

Editorial It’s been a really interesting week in motorcycling. Apart from the excitement, thrills and spills of MotoGP, British Superbikes, the Kells and Skerries road races, there is a lot happening. It emerged this week that motorcycle manufacturers are considering halting or severely limiting the development of 125cc bikes. In the UK, these bikes make […]

SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 7th July 2023

Editorial Here we are again, your weekly digest of everything motorcycling. Just a reminder that there will be NO SAM meetings in August (or January!). We are all off riding and at the end of year recovering from Christmas! Fran and Paul staffed the SAM stall at the Shafton Bikefest. Organised by the Outwood Academy […]

A Great Day at the Outwood Academy Bike Fest

Fran (Chair) and Paul (Editor & Webmaster) spent last Saturday afternoon at the Shafton Bikefest. The children at the Academy acted as Marshalls and organisers for the Bike Festival. They organised the event to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. They even organised for a helicopter from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to land on the […]