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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 25th August 2023

Editorial Yes, I’m back from my riding holiday to Weston-super-mare to see family and friends. Go away for a week and there is a lot to catch up on in the world of motorcycling. IAM RoadSmart, along with other motorcycle representatives, is keeping up the pressure on the UK Government to implement measures that would […]

Calling all Motorcycle CBT Training Providers

At Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM) we often get enquiries from members of the public wanting to access a motorcycle CBT course. We do not offer such courses and refer these enquirers to local motorcycle training providers. As a road safety charity, through our affiliation with IAM RoadSmart, we focus on advanced motorcycle training for riders who have […]

The Hidden Threat: Disposable Vapes and the Menace to Motorcyclists

Hello fellow riders and safety-conscious citizens! Today, we’re delving into a matter that has been lurking on the surface of our roads, endangering not just our beloved two-wheelers, but also the noble efforts of our NHS Blood Bikers. We’re talking about the discarded disposable vapes that create  dangerous punctures in our motorcycle tyres. Buckle up, […]

SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 11th August 2023

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - SAM Club Newsletter 11th August 2023

Editorial There isn’t a biker that has ridden a bike who doesn’t know the importance of road grip. Those butt-clenching moments when grip is lost, front or back, present – especially if it happens without warning – a heart-stopping moment as you ensure that control is returned to the rider, not the tarmac. This week […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 4th August 2023

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - SAM Newsletter 4th August 2023

Editorial There is a chance for you to make your voice heard on the future of motorcycle training. Following a consultation 6 years ago, the UK Department for Transport agreed to implement reforms to the hotch-potch of pathways to getting a motorcycle licence. Read a summary of the proposed changes on the MCN website. The […]